Frequently Asked Questions

  • Q: Which payment method do you accept?
  • A: We accept Bitcoin,Litecoin,Ethereum and XMR as a payment method.
  • Q: The money I pay is refundable?
  • A: yes, claimed refund only for 30 day money back guaranteed. and for claim you can contact us
  • Q: are your software and script updated ?
  • A: yes, our script and software include update and update patch
  • Q: what i get after make order and do payment ?
  • A: after your payment order completed you will received the software by email attachment
  • Q: how long i get download software after my payment finished ?
  • A: directly, we use payment gateway system so you will received the download access or email
    attachment to download software automatically after your payment done
  • Q: how to promote my banner in your website ?
  • A: you can contact us via email
  • Q: can i order multiple software ?
  • A: yes you can order multiple software.
  • Q: you already try all your software before?
  • A: yes, we already check our software and tested all our software and
    we guaranteed all our software 100% work.
  • Q: after i ordered your service how long amount will received to my email ?
  • A: we use quick process
    max 24 hours after your payment done .
  • Q: where Merchant to buy bitcoins ?
  • A: Merchant to buy and get bitcoins