Found a medieval bridge and some “pork carpaccio” in Besalú…then an amazing dive bar in Girona, The River Cafe, whose name had nothing to do with the river it was beside and everything to do with The Boss…and then flicked the bright lights on to get to La Guixera where an insane mixed grill and some phenomenal wine greeted us. That’s deep fried pig trotters, four house made sausages, veal short ribs, and a grilled leg of lamb. Yes.

The Breaking News Continuum

  • NYTimes: "Malaysia Airlines Says Passenger Jet Missing Over Ukraine"
  • Washington Post: "Malaysia Airlines says it lost contact with plane that was flying in Ukrainian airspace"
  • CNN: "Report: Malaysia Airlines flight crashes in Ukraine"
  • FoxNews: "Malaysian jetliner reportedly shot down over Ukraine near Russian border"
  • AP: "BREAKING: Adviser to Ukraine's Interior Minister says passenger plane carrying 295 shot down."